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Current projects

Neighbourhood Community Infrastructure Levy funded projects

At the recent Kingston Neighbourhood Committee meeting (27/3/24), we presented substantial funding requests for critical repair work on the prom. We are immensely proud to let you know that we have reached a fundamental milestone with RBK Council.

The councillors overwhelmingly supported our aims and again expressed their gratitude for all the hard work the volunteers put in. I know very well that the Mayor is a strong supporter, too.

As a result, we will see (1) the raised seating area, formerly used as a bandstand, repaired and refurbished, (2) the collapsed retaining walls rebuilt all along the prom and (3) the wretched toilet block refurbished.

This is serious infrastructure investment in our neighbourhood and shows that the council recognises our impact and is on side to contribute its part to the prom rejuvenation.

The raised seating area, formerly used as a bandstand, will be repaired and refurbished; and forms part of our Bandstand Garden (see below).

Bandstand Garden

Our next big project – the Bandstand Garden

At the end of Figgy slope (from Figgy Garden), we are starting to create a new garden, the Bandstand Garden. It will centre around the gloomy raised seating area, once a band stand. As a first step we cleared quite a bit of undergrowth, brambles and dead shrubs. The Surbiton Farmers’ Market has made a kind donation which will be put to good use here. The two flowerbeds had their first planting on volunteer afternoon on Wednesday 4 October 2023. Read more about the Bandstand Garden.

I love a good hashtag so putting it out there now – use #bandstandgardenqpf if you take any pictures of progress so that I can start to collate them.

We have just been granted funding to repair and refurbish the bandstand. Watch this space for updates.

Bamboo Woodland Trail

Further up from the Bandstand Garden is a bamboo grove. Planting is difficult here as it is so shady. We think a trail for children would be good here.

The arch

We commissioned Wild reclamation to build us an arch as an entrance to our trail, and we are delighted with the result!

The Julian Meers Italian Garden extension

We’re extending the Italian Garden up to the splendid St Raphael’s Church – what a borrowed landscape/scenery!

Past projects

And we have just completed the following projects:

Catherine Garden

Just down from Woodland Garden and opposite the new Sensory Garden, sits a bare and bleak, soil eroding slope. With a kind donation from Surbiton Rotary Club earlier this year, we planned autumn planting to spruce up this garden.

On Saturday 7 October morning, 11 of our volunteers (aged between 14 and 80!) dedicated their time to place, plant and water in over 100 perennials Stefan managed to source from a friendly nursery, Coblands Nurseries in Kent.

Read more about the making of Catherine Garden.


Promtastic! A celebration of a Prom to be proud of took place on Sunday 25 June at 2:30pm to help us celebrate our 4th birthday.

We introduced the local community to our new projects: our specially commissioned mural from Ninety-Five Prints, the Sensory Garden, Raven’s View Garden and the Julian Meers Italian Garden (named after our Founder). We held a Walk and Talk where the volunteers guided visitors through our six gardens, explaining and describing what we have recovered and restored. We also got to enjoy the festival of sunflowers that members of the community grew from seed.

We were also joined by Tim Harrison, Editor of The Good Life who told some fascinating tales about the history of the Prom.

Thank you to Lisa Tolley for creating our promotional poster. And she has also created a map of all the gardens at Queen’s Promenade Friends which was included in our event souvenir!

View the photo gallery
Read the write-up of the event

Promtastic! Celebrate a prom to be proud of

QPF Art Deco Mural

Before – an unloved stretch of the Prom
After – what a transformation!

We commissioned Harriet and Sunnie, Ninety-Five Prints to spruce up this unloved area of Queen’s Promenade with a specially commissioned mural and we are delighted with the finished result! Have you been down to check it out yourself?

Progress pics here.

Sensory Garden 

Before the mural and work on the garden
Our new Sensory Garden freshly planted up

Our newest project and garden can be found after the London River Yacht Club, and adjacent to the Raven’s Ait Island ferry, next to the new mural. 

It was created and designed by us (mostly Stefan for the creative garden design and planting) and sponsored by The Vision Charity and London River Yacht Club. With special thanks to Richard Morgan for making this happen with the generous donation by The Vision Charity.

Read more about the Sensory Garden.

The Sensory Garden – 3 months old