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Catherine Garden

Catherine Garden

Just down from Woodland Garden and opposite the new Sensory Garden, sits a bare and bleak, soil eroding slope. With a kind donation from Surbiton Rotary Club earlier this year, we planned autumn planting to spruce up this garden. Named after the nearby Catherine Road, and getting prepared, a future Queen (since it is Queen’s Promenade after all!)

One of our volunteers, Vivienne chose the plants suitable for the ground, and took her inspiration from the garden name and gave us Catherine wheel fireworks bursts and colours.

On Saturday 7 October morning, 11 of our volunteers (aged between 14 and 80!) dedicated their time to place, plant and water in over 100 perennials Stefan managed to source from a friendly nursery, Coblands Nurseries in Kent.

The two sides now form a super entrance to the Promenade and the riverside walk. We will also be adding several hundred tulip bulbs next month.

While we were active, the Mayor of Kingston walked past (twice!) and congratulated us on our efforts, and countless residents on their morning walk into Kingston stopped and engaged. All were full of praise.