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Newsletter September 2023

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Newsletter September 2023

Dear Friends,

Looking at our August attendance list one would have thought there were no summer holidays, so many of us, incl. new volunteers, joined our activities. Autumn is not far off and we are planning our last major activities before we slow down a little due to the change of season.

August highlights

Occasionally we attract local volunteers who work for organisations encouraging community involvement, allowing staff time off to improve their neighbourhood. In this spirit, Tom Rawlins from Vanguard arranged a session helping us clear a tricky area of shrubs and bamboo, untouched for many years. A huge amount of green waste was produced which could thankfully be cleared away immediately using Glendale’s trailer. Many thanks Tom for the hard work!

The theme of clearing was continued, from tackling thorny pyracantha to rescuing fences toppled under the sheer weight of hedge growth, to pruning shrubs ready for the winter season. Such work requires skill and commitment, needing the right technique and shaping which is both rather enjoyable and horticulturally useful. Many thanks to everyone who mucked in, notably Carita, Michael, Rod, Pauline, Sarah, Julian and our very own ‘Duke of Edinburgh’ Archie.

Other routine work has naturally continued, maintaining other garden sections along the prom. This is an all-year-round job, in a way our ‘bread and butter’ activity. A word of advice, on hot days please have a bottle of water with you and take rests inbetween activities. Also, please could you leave an emergency contact number in the little green book on the noticeboard?

Later in the month Jenny led the charge to revamp a section in River View Garden which she had initially taken under her wings before Covid. It has come on leaps and bounds and now has an upgraded planting scheme which we’ll all enjoy when it has bulked out next year. Well done Jenny and Team Ground Force! Indeed, so grateful was Jenny for the achievement that she now prays at the altar of the Compost Gods (sorry Jenny, hope you don’t mind this interpretation of that epic pic ?).

Clive designed a fabulous outline of the new Bandstand Garden. We’ll keep it on the notice board for everyone to check and provide comments. He will organise the work on this new garden area over the next few months, incl. the creation of new flower beds and an exploratory woodchip trail. The raised seating area will then be revamped in spring, hopefully with a further RBK NCIL grant, fingers crossed.

September in focus at QPF

As mentioned previously, we are in discussion with RBK council to see how some structural repairs can be organised along the promenade. An application process is under way for certain areas and I am pleased to advise that the first Expression of Interest stage has been cleared. Detailed applications for the sorely needed refurbishment of the toilet block, as well as the Bandstand seating area, can now go ahead. Stay tuned, final decision due in February.

A ‘Save the Date’ note here to advise all members of our upcoming Annual General Meeting which will be held on Tuesday, 14 November, from 7pm. More details will be advised separately in due course.

New joiners

A warm welcome to Durre, Miranda and Rod who recently signed up to join our community; all three have already worked with us in August. We hope you continue to enjoy it. Anyone else who feels the urge to help improve the prom and enjoy our community spirit, please do come down on one of our volunteering days.

Last but not least

If other members haven’t worked with us for a while, or always wanted to but never quite found the time, please don’t be shy. Keen interest, some skills and energy are all that is needed. Please bring some gardening gloves and a mug. We hope you enjoy it.

Please remember to check our various social media sites for regular updates. For any donations to the Queen’s Promenade Friends please see our QR code below or contact us directly.       

Looking forward to seeing you down on the promenade.


Chairman, Queen’s Promenade Friends

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