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The Pocket Park

The Pocket Park

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The Pocket Park

This is where we have our volunteers hub, the old caretaker’s hut. Until 2019 this was a derelict site, lovingly restored by our group in its first year.

Pocket Park site in March 2019
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The first job in March 2019 was to install a new roof on the Victorian gardener’s hut. Then over the course of the next two years, wheelbarrows of soil and rubbish were taken away to make way for raised beds and water butts.

The park also features some restored artefacts found during renovation, including benches, paving blocks and a Victorian era Royal Borough of Kingston post with its distinctive 3 salmon logo. Other items were built and installed from scratch by volunteers, including a bug house, bird feeder and a bench made from a disused wooden electric cable reel and a church pew. The pocket park was officially opened May 2021 by the Mayor. In the space of just over two years the area has been transformed from a derelict and neglected wasteland into a haven of nature by the river.

Promtastic! June 2023
Lovely to see the Pocket Park full with the community for our garden walk and talk for Promtastic! June 2023
A new path has been laid in 2023 – and where we proudly display our Green Flag Community Award 2023/24