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Silver linings

Silver linings

We were heartbroken when we discovered that we had had a break-in at the volunteers hub at the Pocket Park on 14 June. As well as damaging our brand new shed doors, tools and equipment were stolen too.

There is nothing of real value in our hub but everything is invaluable to our volunteers in order for us to keep doing the work that we do. Our tools which were stolen were either donations of equipment or have been hard won by writing off for grants.

Our hero, Graham

Our volunteer, Graham, who is also our treasurer discovered the burglary mess on Thursday morning and spent the best part of the day tidying up, temporarily fixing things and making it safe, and reporting it to the police.

Silver lining

We have received an astonishing response of sympathy, support and generous donations from local residents, councillors and followers on our social media sites.

Our commitment to restoring the promenade to its former glory for the benefit of all local residents and visitors is strong though, and the burglary hasn’t dampened our enthusiasm.

From our Chair, Stefan: ‘I would like to personally thank everyone for their kind donation. It means the world to us since we are exclusively dependent on donations. It makes it possible to purchase the lost equipment again. It is simply fantastic that the local community has shown their good hearts and support for a cause like ours. Thank you!’

New door

The smashed shed door has now been replaced by Kingston Council as the property belongs to them. Many thanks Tyron and Chris from ISCO, and Adam from RBK’s Green Spaces team for helping so quickly and professionally! 

And Tyron painted the door before Promtastic at the weekend. And in this heat, it dried in no time!

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