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Sow-along sunflowers

When I came up with this idea 2 months ago, I couldn’t have envisioned how much it would capture the imagination of the volunteers and the community. It sparked a lot of interest, happiness, connections and a small dose of healthy competition with everyone comparing sizes and wanting to find the magic ingredient for healthy plants. I think Graham wins tallest sunflowers by playing the guitar to his, and Phil wins overall grower as he needed a wheelbarrow to bring his load to the Prom!

Thank you to the young families who came along too. I hope they will continue to tend their sunflowers and come along and volunteer again soon.

Thank you too to our local MP (and leader of the Liberal Democrats) Sir Ed Davey for helping with the planting and finding out about QPF. Your support means a lot to us.

Family portrait – the 100+ sunflowers grown by our volunteers and members of the community
Phil transported his forest of sunflowers to the Prom in a wheelbarrow
Family portrait
Anna, Adrian, Molly and Toby planted their sunflower seedlings in the Italian Garden
Even our local MP, Ed Davey joined in!

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